Flight Cases: Manufacturer and Suppliers of Custom Made Flight Cases and 19″ Flight Case Racks

Flight Cases:
Whatever it is, and however you’re shipping it, you can be sure that it will get there safely in an Arrowmere flight case. Formed in 1982, we have unparalleled experience in the design and production of flight cases for all types of high-tech equipment used by companies worldwide.

Flight Cases from Arrowmere is made to order, because our clients need a bespoke solution for their products and their shipping requirements. We hold thousands of designs and produce flight cases for clients all over the planet from the worlds of Entertainment, Telecommunication, Defence, Aerospace, Scientific Instrumentation, Computing, Audio Visual, Motor Sport and Oil Exploration.

When it comes to design, we can be flexible, even though our Flight Cases won’t be!

We specialise in 19″ flight cases racks with suspended steel frames on shock absorbers for the IT Industry and Business Continuity Industry, and manufacture standard 19″ racks and sleeved racks for the AV Industry and the Sound and Lighting Hire business.

For the science based companies we manufacture customised flight cases for lasers, bio-tech instruments and glassware with individually designed foam inserts cut on our CNC machines. We offer a wide range of foam products in different densities and colours. You will find our flight cases protecting microscopes, cameras, monitors and gas analysers; the list is endless!

Our flight cases and 19″ rack cases are extremely rugged, dust and weather resistant, and conform to ATA300 and IP65 standards.

You can rely on your equipment arriving safely in one of our customised flight cases.

Whatever you’re packing up and shipping around; talk to Arrowmere Limited – we’re on the case!

Contact us on 0116 232 3166 or email us at sales@arrowmere.co.uk