19″ Rack Cases

Access to the racking on six of the case styles is by take-off lids front and rear, by hinged lids if preferred, or by panels that can lift out or hinge. The sleeve and case style, has a deep lift off lid.

Our rack systems can provide from one unit to forty two units of rack space (1u = 1.75ins, imperial), and can be made to any centre section depth to suit the customers’ requirement.

The external case panels are made from 12mm high grade plywood, laminated to glass reinforced plastic (GRP), to aluminium stucco sheet, or to a high impact plastic sheet laminate available in blue, red, grey or black. Other special laminates and finishes can also be supplied.

All case panels are fully riveted to our double-angle frame extrusion, and all the case fittings are heavy duty recessed type.


  • 19″ Spacer Panels
  • Drawers 1-6 u
  • Shelf Support Brackets
  • Ventilation Dishes
  • Wheels and Dollies
  • Rack Mounting Shelves
  • Fans & Fan Grilles

Professional Server Racks for IT Companies

Server_RackHigh specification computer rack cabinet finished in a grey or black paint finish, built into a flight case with high density foam top and bottom.

  • Cabinet width: 600mm
  • Cabinet depth: 800mm or 1000mm
  • Rack units available: 12U, 18U, 24U, 27U, 32U and 37U

Each cabinet has two earth points and is supplied with three sets of adjustable double-leg racking profiles. The castors shown are removed when fitted into the flight case.

Cable trays and Power Distribution Units can be fitted to the cabinets.