CoulerfullCases_MediumTo do this careful attention is given to the whole production process from drawing board to final delivery. Unfortunately hard won reputations can often be lost when fragile goods are damaged during transit, or where a good product is let down by its protective case. It is often when the product leaves the manufacturer that problems can occur. Minimising shipping damage means, an important area of customer dissatisfaction can be eliminated. At Arrowmere we have been developing boxes, trunks and cases for industrial use for many years. Protection and easy use of your products can be assured by careful attention to case design, materials of construction and the use of robust fittings. Our highly skilled workers are proficient when working in wood, metal and plastics and our finishing technicians have mastered the use of foams, fabrics and a variety of paints. We are confident that our cases will afford top quality protection to your products for many years, no matter how much abuse they receive.