Lightweight Cases

Our lightweight cases are made from solid resin fibreboard, polyethylene, or from our extremely stylish aluminium extrusions shown below, with a choice of panel finishes and fittings.

The fibreboard and polyethylene cases are reinforced with welded steel wire frames for durability and are strengthened with riveted folded seams and corners made of steel or strong plastic.

Special Features

  • COLOUR CHOICE: Panel materials come in a wide choice of colours; for example, navy, mid blue, red, green, grey, white, brown and black.
  • ACCESSORIES: We offer a wide range of fittings with polyurethane and polyethylene foam interiors including anti-static and conductive foams for electrostatic sensitive devices, ESD’s.
  • LABELLING: Cases can be silk screened as required for a small additional cost, or stencilled free of charge.